OPP's Referral Program

How does your Referral Program work?

When you tell people about OPP make sure to mention that they should credit you as their referral when they sign up for their free trial or paid site. Tell them that it's the right neighborly thing to do.

Just in case they forget to type in your name and write something vague like “friend” or “that cute guy/girl from work” instead, you can use the “Credits for Referrals you have made” section of your Control Panel to drop their names. The way that it works is:

* You refer someone to OPP
* They have a paid account with us for at least 3 months
* You will then receive a month of service on us! (provided that no one else has already claimed that credit and the person you referred stated that you referred them to us)

Pretty sweet deal, eh? We have plenty of customers who have well over a year of free time coming their way, just by telling the truth about how great we are to their buddies. We are so nice like that. Plus we have really great minty fresh breath.

Intriguing. So what does the referral credit get me?

One referral credit will get you one month of service – on us!

To get a referral credit, just talk us up to friends and strangers alike. Anyone you recommend to OPP who ends up becoming a customer for at least three months will get you one month of service – on us!

Do I need give my friends a referral code to get credit?

Nope – however, you can direct them to go to our site through the OPP logo on your site, when they sign up for their trial. If they sign up that way, your site will receive the referral credit automatically.

I talk OPP up all the time. Can I see the referrals credits I've received?

Just go to your Control Panel and click on 'Credits for Referrals you have made'. Go here for more info. There, you will see all of the referrals you have received credit for.

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