Artist Statement

The Artist Statement text block appears on your Home Page and can be used for a statement about your work, a bio, upcoming events, or whatever other text makes sense for your work.

  • Click on the Artist Statement link under the Home Page subheading of the Artwork and Content section of your Control Panel.
  • Remember that the Artist Statement text on your Home Page is a great place to use content rich wording in order to stay appealing to search engines and to help with your search engine optimization.
  • You can copy the text you want to appear on your Home Page into the text box labeled Artist Statement. You can also type your text directly into the box.
  • The Artist Statement text on your Home Page is one of the top places that Google and other search engines look for keywords. It is also where they get the description of your site for their listing. For this reason, your name and important keywords that describe and relate to your work should definitely appear in the Artist Statement text on your Home Page!
  • You can control the location & styling of the Artist Statement on your site as well – how your text is organized (multi-column, full width, narrow column or wide column) and where it is placed (above or below your image).

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