Add Vimeo

If you are enrolled in either the Standard or Multimedia Plan you can embed Vimeo videos into Vimeo Artwork pages on your website. Simply copy the URL for your Vimeo video or its embed code into the text box titled “Vimeo URL or <embed> code” to embed your Vimeo video into your website.

  • You may upload a Preview Image for your Vimeo Embed that will appear before a visitor clicks the Play button. Most artists use a still image from the Video, but you may use any image you like.
  • You can control the location & styling of the Description text on your site as well – how your text is organized (multi-column, full width, narrow column or wide column) and where it is placed (above or below your image).

Tip: Vimeo Plus & Vimeo PRO members can have their embedded videos display in HD by default.

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