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Images of your work can take the form of photographed documentation, digital scans, and video stills (to name a few). Regardless of the type of Image you have to upload to your website, first ensure that your Images are saved in JPEG (.jpg) format and are less than 10 megabytes (MB) in size. The Image that you upload will be automatically resized and optimized for the web.

  • The Caption text field (found in the Add New Artwork page where you upload your Image) does not appear on your website. It is used to help with site accessibility and search engine indexing. Your Caption should be a neutral description for an uninformed viewer. Describe your Image as if for an audience who can read about it but is unable to view it.
  • If you opt to list your Image “For Sale,” fill out the Price text field (also found in the Add New Artwork page where you upload your Image) with a dollar amount avoiding the use of descriptive text added to the amount. For example, to sell your piece through PayPal you would fill out the Price field “$1500” instead of “$1500, Framed.” Then, fill out the Sale Label text field with a unique label to identify the piece when sold. Finally, enter the email address for your PayPal account in the PayPal Account text field.
  • You can control the location & styling of the Description text on your site as well – how your text is organized (multi-column, full width, narrow column or wide column) and where it is placed (above or below your image).

For Image Requirements, see Image Requirements.

For Image Troubleshooting, see Image Troubleshooting.

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