Hosting Questions

Does OPP cover the cost of web hosting for my website?

Indeed! OPP will host your new OPP website…and the cost is already included in the flat fee! This is one of the things that makes OPP such a great deal, as you can spend almost as much just for hosting, as you do for all the great services that OPP offers. Woot!

I already have web hosting. Can I just use your templates on my host?

Because these are dynamic sites generated by our application, and not just simple templates, they must have a direct link to our application and databases as well as our specifically configured servers. OPP's websites cannot function without this link, so we must host all the sites — but the cost of hosting is included in the flat fee already.

How much down time has there been on your servers?

As artists ourselves, we pride ourselves on offering enterprise level service to artists — cumulative downtime in the last 5 years is estimated to be less than a few hours, including scheduled maintenance.

It gives us a real kick to beat out Netflix, Amazon, Flickr & Tumblr etc. in this department. We think artists deserve this world-class uptime!

Can you explain the difference between my web hosting and my domain name?

If your website is a house, then your domain name is the address of your house, and your web hosting account is the land where your house is built. Make sense?

The “land” comes from your Web Host and your “address” from your Domain Registrar.

  • If you have a website with us then OtherPeoplesPixels is your host.
  • If you own the domain you use for your OPP site, then whoever you bought it from is your Domain Registrar.
  • If we bought the domain for you, then Namecheap.com, the Domain Registrar that we use, is that domain's registrar. We own the domain, for necessary technical reasons, but no need to fret. If you do ever decide to leave OPP, we consider the domain to be yours in spirit and will happily transfer it to you.

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