Email Questions (Free Trial)

Does OPP give me an email address at my domain when I sign up?

Yes, one mailbox is included in the cost of your OPP website. It can be something like yourname@yourdomain.com. This is pretty sweet, and something not offered by a lot of our competitors.

We think a business card looks so much better with a professional email like this, rather than one like surfr_chk_69@hotmail.com. :)

I want more than one email address at my domain. Can OPP hook this up?

While you can only have one main mailbox with us, we can have any number of additional email forwards set up for you (for free!), if you'd like.

For example: if your domain was artwebsite.com, you could have one main address, me@artwebsite.com, with kittensarespecial@artwebsite.com and ilovemygrandma@artwebsite.com forwarding to that main address.

Can I use OPP for my website/hosting, but keep email with my old provider?

Sure that's no problem, but please note that this means you'll need to continue to pay for your old hosting/email service. Just BE SURE to email us about helping you set this up BEFORE you activate your website. We are using the capital letters because this is VERY IMPORTANT! :)

This is for your benefit, so that we can set your email up with your current email host and eliminate any down time with your email.

If you have any questions about having your email hosted by someone else, just send us an email.

I already have an email address at my domain. What happens when I switch to using OPP?

You can definitely keep your pre-existing email address when you switch to using OPP for your web hosting and email.

One thing to note, is that while the email address can be the same, and there won't be any interruption in your receipt of emails, the way that you check your email will change to using a new webmail interface. We use RackSpace for our email, and they have a full-feature webmail interface that we think you'll really like. They're one of the biggest webmail providers and we have found their service to be pretty swell.

Additionally, your inbox will start over from scratch — since you'll be changing mailservers. Just make sure to get your contact list and any info that you need from the mailbox before making the change and you should be all set!

If you need to keep the contents of your inbox, email us about setting up a POP3 program on your computer, which will download and keep the emails from your old email server. If you're already convinced that you want to do this, just jump to the POP3 & Wireless Device Section and get 'er going.

Can I check my email with Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook etc. -- or with my iPhone or wireless device?

I run a POP3 email program. What happens when I switch to OPP?

If you run POP3 email (through a program like Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook, Eudora etc.) then all your contact list(s) and old emails will stay with that program on your computer when you change email providers.

Once you've changed over to our system, check out the POP3 & Wireless Device Section for information on setting your email program to receive email from OPP's email provider, RackSpace. You'll also get an email from us when you sign up with links to the necessary settings.

How large of an attachment can I send via my email account?

You can send attachments of up to a whopping 50 MB in size.

How many recipients can I address one email to?

Like most email, RackSpace, OPP's email provider, is concerned with preventing spam. This is in your best interest because it keeps your email from being blocked!

Because of this, there is a limit to the amount of people you can send to at one time, but our limit is pretty high – you can send to up to 250 recipients at one time.

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