About the Free Trial

I didn't receive my free trial request email. Can you resend it?

Sure, first add support@otherpeoplespixels.com to your Contacts/White list in your email program, then ask us to resend the email. Some free email services, such as Yahoo, tend to automatically block emails sent by computers (like our free trial emails), so you'll need to be sure that we're one of your contacts first.

I need more time to play with my free trial. Can I have an extension?

Say pretty please with rainbow unicorn sugar on top. Ok…you can have an extension. Email us at support@otherpeoplespixels.com, and we'll hook it up!

My free trial is expiring and I don't want all of my hard work to be deleted!

Don't you worry, even if your free trial expires, we save all of your information. You can then pay for and activate your site at any time.

Is the first month of my OPP site free?

Your OPP site is free, as long as it is in trial mode. When you choose to activate your site, and take it live at your domain name, the free trial period ends. We have the free trial period, so that you can make sure you dig OPP before shelling out any bones or clams or whatever you call them.

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