Zoom Images

If you uploaded your images at at large enough size, then when a viewer clicks on your normal Image, they'll see a larger “Zoom Image” for your artwork. This is great for people who want to see the all the detail in your piece!

OPP does our best to determine the size of your and your viewers' monitors, and then we serve up a Zoom Image that's as close as possible to the filling the screen. Magic!

Upload your images with the longest side being 2500 pixels or higher for the largest possible zoom images. (Remember your images should still be less than 4090 pixels on any side and under 10MB too. Here are our Image Requirements).

* You may choose whether your Zoom Images are displayed in a new window or the same window.

* You may also also choose which Background Color you prefer for your Zoom Images: Gray, Black, White, or Match Website Background. (This is only available for Classic Templates, not Flowing Templates)

* You can also choose whether or not all your Images (including Zoom Images) are shared. For more information on sharing Images, see Shared (Yes) vs. Shared (No)

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