You have Messages

You can select to receive messages directly through your website's Contact Page. When you are sent a message through your site, you'll also receive an email notifying you that you have a message to be viewed, but the actual content of the message will not be viewable in the email. Instead, you will view your messages from the You have Messages link in your Control Panel.

  • A notice that you have received a message will be sent to both your OPP email and your billing email address. You can log into your Control Panel and click the 'You have X messages' link and check your message. The X will be the number of messages you have.
  • If you receive a threatening message, and need the IP Address of the message sent, you will see it in the 'From' section of the message when you are reading the message.
  • Always beware of scams when receiving messages from your Contact Page! As with any internet interaction, you should always conduct your art sales very carefully. Here is a great resource.

  • Remember: The content of your Messages will not display in the notification email you receive from us. To read the actual message, log into your Control Panel and click on “You have Messages”.

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