Can I add 'widgets' to my OPP website?

Wondering if you can add Stat Counter, Constant Contact, PayPal buttons, banner ads, Google Adwords, link exchanges, slide show programs, or any other third party codes, widgets, or HTML scripts to your OPP Site?

Because of the way that the sites work, and the fact that they run on our proprietary platform, third party programs, such as Stat Counter won't work with OPP sites, nor will HTML “plug-ins” such as HTML widgets or link exchanges.

As for the issue of banner ads, reciprocal reward link exchanges or Google AdWords, OtherPeoplesPixels is very dedicated to the idea of keeping our websites advertisement free. We hope you don't mind.

However – even though we do not support the addition of widgets on our sites, you can still use our Special Formatting– so for example, while you cannot install a Constant Contact widget, you can use the live link they give you and place it on your site, if you'd like.

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