Unlimited Number of Folders on your Site / Artworks within a Folder

Unlimited Number of Artworks

  • We do not place restrictions on how many Artworks you can upload per folder or on your site in general. You can have as many or as few as you want!

Unlimited Number of Folders

  • You may have as many Folders as you wish on your website. Many artists treat each Folder as its own 'gallery'. You can organize your artwork into as many different Folders as you'd like. This way you can have older work in one Folder and newer work in another, or artwork arranged by theme. It's all up to you.
  • OPP highly recommends that you think carefully about the organization of your site, to make it easy to navigate. Too many nesting Folders can frustrate viewers. Viewers would likely prefer to click through more images in a single Folder, than have to leave that Folder and click-through to another. Just something to keep in mind.

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