• Thumbnails are small images that act as an icon or preview for an Artwork or a Folder on your website. These little images are displayed in a grid to give visitors a quick summary of what you have for them to see.
  • Your OtherPeoplesPixels website helps you automatically create a thumbnails for each images that you upload. We have an automatic thumbnail creator that lets you make a thumbnail from a full-size image. After you upload a new image, you will be taken to a screen with your image on it. By clicking and dragging the red box, you can define the 100×100 pixel square that will be your thumbnail.
  • You can also create custom thumbnails for any piece. For example, you may make your thumbnail a box that says “Paintings” or a picture of something other than the artwork you uploaded.
  • When you upload a thumbnail on its own (for a folder or a custom thumbnail), you can control the exact look by uploading a 100×100 pixel image. Alternately, if it is larger than 100×100 pixels or a non-square dimension, the image will auto-resized and cropped by our system.

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