We now offer two types of Templates - Classic Templates and Flowing Templates.

Classic Templates are smaller and centered (perfect for display on your virtual business card – an iPad or Tablet!).

Flowing Templates are much larger and suited for larger monitors and detailed work (who doesn't love large images?) They also offer a mobile version of the sites. Go to opp-support.com on your iPhone (other devices coming soon!) to see it in action.

Selecting your Template

First, select whether you'd like a Classic or Flowing Template.

Once you've made your selection, you can click on a Template's Thumbnail from the scrollable column on the left to make it appear in the center of your Template Page, so that you can Preview what it would look like.

Use the Tag Cloud to quickly find the Template that best suits your needs. For example, if you are seeking a Minimal, Gray Template for your Artwork, you would click on both of those Tags in the Tag Cloud. Doing so will limit your search results to Templates that fit those criteria.

You may then scroll through the numbered Color Variations for that Template by clicking on the numbered links below the Preview image of the Template.

After you find the perfect Template for your Artwork, click the *Choose the Template Above* button.

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