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Suggested Flash Video (.flv) Settings

  • Video size = 320×240 pixels (small) or 640×480 (large)
  • Video format/codec = FLV (Sorenson Spark)
  • Video bitrate ~ 224 kbps
  • Audio format/codec = MP3
  • Audio bitrate ~ 32 kbps mono
  • Please remember to ensure that your file is no larger than 150 megabytes (MB) in size. You can up the bitrate in order to get higher quality videos as long as the file size remains under 150 MB. This Bitrate Calculator can help you get in the right range for your bitrate but please note that the best way to calculate bitrate is through trial and error since everyone's original files, file format, codec and video content tend to be different.
  • Please keep in mind that your browser will “bloat” the file size during upload, so you'll need to upload a file a small amount under the maximum size allowed.

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