Step by Step Guide to Adding Sound

If are enrolled in the Multimedia Plan you can upload audio files directly to your website.

  • To add a new Sound piece to your website, click on the Sound link in the Artwork subheading of the Artwork and Content Section of your Control Panel.
  • Clicking on the Sound link in your Control Panel takes you to an Add New Artwork page:

Title & Date Completed

  • In the Add New Artwork page you can Title your Sound piece and select the Date Completed from a dropdown menu.
  • You can also select how you would like the Date of your Video to appear on your website from a dropdown menu titled Display Date As.
  • You can opt to display the entire date of creation for your Video, to display the year only, or to display no date whatsoever.

Media, Dimensions & Price

  • In the text fields provided, you can enter the Media, Dimensions and Price for your Video.
  • As with all descriptive text fields in your Control Panel, the Media, Dimensions and Price text fields and boxes are optional.
  • Not adding text to any of the fields means the fields will simply not appear on your website.

Caption & Description

  • Next, you can add a Caption describing your Sound piece. The Caption text field does not appear on your website. It is used to help with site accessibility and search engine indexing. Your Caption should be a neutral description for an uninformed viewer. Describe your Sound piece as if for an audience who can read about it but is unable to hear it.
  • You may add an optional Description for your Sound piece keeping in mind that Descriptions are great places to use content rich wording in order to stay appealing to search engines and to help with your search engine optimization.
  • You can add Special Formatting to your Description (and to any large text box in your Control Panel) by using a series of symbols to indicate the special text options available. You'll see a quick key of these options under the Description text box and other text boxes that allow special formatting.

Add To Folder, Preview Image, & Upload

  • Under the dropdown menu labeled Add to Folder you may choose where your new Sound piece will be located. You may select Home Page for the Sound piece to be accessible directly from the first page of your website. You may also place your new Sound inside a Folder you've already created.

  • You may upload a Preview Image for your Sound piece that will appear in the player for your Sound piece before a visitor clicks the Play button as well as while the piece plays. To do so, click Browse under the subheading Preview Upload a preview image for this piece and locate the Preview Image you wish to use on your computer.
  • Next, upload your Sound piece by clicking on the Browse button under the subheading, Audio: Upload an MP3 for this piece to locate your audio file on your computer. After you've located your audio file, double click on it and it will automatically populate the text field to the left of the Browse button. Before uploading your audio file please ensure that it is an MP3 with a bitrate between 32kbps and 160kbps and a sample rate of 44100 or 22050.

Size, Artwork Alignment, For Sale & Hide

  • Under the dropdown menu labeled Artwork Alignment you may choose where your new Sound piece will appear (Top, Center, or Bottom + Left, Center, or Right). You can also select Use Master Setting from the Artwork Alignment dropdown menu. You can set your Master Setting for Artwork Alignment under the Artwork Alignment link in the Artwork Settings subheading of the Site-Wide Settings section of your Control Panel.
  • If you'd like for your piece to appear For Sale on your website, check the Sell using PayPal box below the Artwork Alignment dropdown menu. If you opt to list your Image as For Sale, fill out the Sale Label text field with a unique label to identify this piece when sold. Then enter the email address for your PayPal account in the PayPal Account text field.
  • Should you wish to hide your Audio piece from your website you may do so by checking the Hide this piece at the bottom of the Add New Artwork page.

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