Step by Step Guide to Adding Multiple Images

  • To add multiple Images to your website, click on the Image link in the Artwork subheading of the Artwork and Content Section of your Control Panel.
  • Clicking on the Add Multiple Images link in your Control Panel takes you to this page

  • Select the Folder where you would like your Images to appear by using the dropdown menu to the right of the “Add Artwork to Folder.”
  • Using the Browse buttons, select the Images you would like to upload.
  • Fill out each corresponding Title field.
  • Finally, click “Add Artwork” to upload your Images.
  • If you do not want your image to be re-sized at all, then upload an image within 640 x 480.
  • You can add one or five more upload slots by clicking on the corresponding links at the bottom of the Upload Multiple Images page.

For Image Requirements, see Image Requirements.

For Image Troubleshooting, see Image Troubleshooting.

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