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Special Formatting

You can create live links (hotlinks) and live email addresses within the text on your OPP sites. When someone clicks a live link, it will take them to that site in a new window. If they click an email address, it will pop-up an email to that address. You can also use these special options to make words bold and/or underlined and to create a Facebook 'like' and/or a Google +1 button for the page.

These options only work in large text sections, such as the Artist Statement section or the Description sections on artwork pages. They do not work in Title sections. You will know which text boxes support special formatting, because the instructions are listed directly below the text box.

When you are typing into a text box, such as the Descriptions section on an artwork page, you can use a series of symbols to indicate one of these special text options. You'll also see a quick key of these options under any text box.

*bold words* Surround the words you want to make bold with the * (star) symbol.
_underlined words_ Surround the words you want to make underlined with the _ (underscore) symbol.
%italic words% Surround the words you want to italicize with the % (percent) symbol.
Please note, Italics are NOT available in older Flash skins
|http://link.com|Link Name| Surround the link with the (bar) symbol. The bar symbol is usually located with the backslash, above the enter/return key. Make sure there is no spaces between the link and the bars. Make sure that the link you use is valid.
The http:// part is optional, so you may type a link like this: –> |http://www.mylink.com| or without it like this: |www.mylink.com|
The second set of bars is for the name/alias that you'd like to have appear as the link. So, for example, if I typed: –> |http://www.long-awkward-link.com|my favorite site|
then, what a viewer to your site would see is a hotlink that simply says 'my favorite site'
You may also just type the first set of bars around the link and not use an alias.
|name@email.com|Name| Emails work much in the same way that links do. Surround the valid email with a | (bar) symbol, and if you wish add an alias by typing it in surrounded by a second set of bars. Again, make sure there are no spaces between the email address and the bars.
[like] To insert a Facebook 'like' button at any point in a text box, enter exactly and only the following: [like]
[g+] To insert a Google +1 button at any point in a text box, enter exactly and only the following: [g+]
[pinit] or [pinterest] To insert a Pinterest button at any point in a text box, enter exactly and only the following: [pinit] or [pinterest]

Here is a working example using all of these special formats:

This is a |http://environmentaldefense.com|link to Environmental Defense|, which is a *fabulous* organization dedicated to _protecting our planet's wildlife_. [like] [g+]

which will be displayed like this:


A note regarding the Facebook 'like' button:

The Facebook 'like' icon takes people to whichever Facebook account is currently open in your browser or to the Facebook login page, if you are not logged into a Facebook Account at the time you are using the 'like' special formatting..

Be sure that you are logged into the Facebook account that you wish to connect to when you are placing the 'like' button in Special Formatting.

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