Shared (Yes) vs. Shared (No)

  • Shared (Yes) is the way we recommend you display your images online. This means images on your site can be downloaded by people to repost on blogs, share with their friends, etc. It also means that they can show up on Google Image search and wireless devices like the iPhone and other mobile devices. People could also theoretically print them out, but at their size there is little risk that a print out of your images could be sold.

  • Shared (No) still allows your images to be viewable on mobile devices. Your images are covered by a transparent image, like a virtual sheet of glass, so anyone who tries to right-click download will get a clear .gif file instead of your art. This means that your images cannot be shared or re-posted on blogs etc. by people who like your work. Visitors can still screen capture your images, there is no way to prevent this — but given the nature of the Internet — you shouldn't be posting anything that you don't want to be accessible to others.

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