Nav Section Font & Color

Choose the Font for the Nav Sections on your website by scrolling down the column of options on the lefthand side of the page. Select the color for the Nav Section on your website from the Color Wheel or copy the Hexadecimal Color Code that you'd like to use into the text field below it. When you have found the perfect Font & Color for the Title on your website, click Choose these Settings to select them.

  • Use the Tag Cloud at the top of your Nav Sections Font & Color Page to quickly find the Font that best suits your needs. For example, if you are seeking a Minimal, Simple Font for your Title, you would click on both of those Tags in the Tag Cloud. Doing so will limit your search results to Fonts that fit those criteria.
  • To match colors exactly throughout your website, use the Hexadecimal Color Code that corresponds to your color choices by copying it into text field below each Color Wheel in the Appearance section of your Control Panel.

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