Manage SubAccounts

Please note that the SubAccounts feature is in beta testing. If you do not see 'Manage SubAccounts' in your Control Panel, you are not on a SubAccounts beta test, don't worry at all. You can completely disregard this help page, and your OPP Site is functioning completely correctly.

If you are on an OPP SubAccounts beta test, the account holder will be able to manage the subaccounts from their Control Panel.

  • To add a subaccount, click on the 'Add a new SubAccount to your Website' hyperlink.

  • Add the person's username, email address, full name and the password they will be using to access the folder assigned to them in the Artwork section of the OPP site.

  • If you'd like to lock a user out, but not delete their subaccount entirely, you can change their status in the 'Enabled' area from 'Yes, this SubAccount can make changes' to 'No, lock this SubAccount out for now'.


  • To make changes to or delete existing SubAccounts, click on the 'Edit' link or 'Delete' buttons next to the existing SubAccount.

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