Image Settings

Your Image Settings Page has three settings you can personalize:

Share My Images

Under Share My Images, you can decide whether or not you want to enable right-click downloading of your images. Even if you decide to select 'No', your images will still display on mobile devices, because both settings are non-flash – meaning mobile device and SEO friendly.

Zoom Image Settings

This setting will only be available to you if you are using a Classic Template. It is not available for Flowing Templates.

Under Zoom Image Settings, you may choose how you'd like your Zoom Images to be displayed. (Zoom images are larger, high-resolution images that appear when a visitor clicks a Normal Image.)


Under Watermark Settings, you can make the Watermark text on your image anything you like, but we suggest the name of your site, so people can find out more about you or contact you if they like your artwork.

You can also select the position, size and opacity of your Watermark Text as well.

For more information about the Image Settings, please see Shared (Yes) vs. Shared (No).

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