Image Requirements

Your Images MUST be:

  • A valid JPEG (.jpg) file
  • Less than 10 MB in size, so upload is not too long
  • No larger than 4090 x 4090 pixels in size (but at least 2520 pixels wide by 1220 pixels high).
  • Have an s-RGB color profile assigned, to be color accurate (To achieve this color profile in Photoshop, go to Edit —> Convert to Profile and be sure to Convert (not Assign) to sRGB
  • In RGB, not CMYK colorspace
  • An 8 bit not 24 bit file
  • Have NO strange characters in it's filename, such as ” ~ ' / \ ; etc.

Please keep in mind that your browser will bloat the file size during upload, so you'll need to upload a file somewhat under the maximum size allowed.

Also, you should not use .jpg compression to make the image a smaller file size. Instead, you should reduce the actual (pixel) dimensions, and keep the .jpg quality high.

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