Hiding Artwork

If you do not want certain Artworks to be visible on your site anymore, but you think you may want to use them again at a later date, you can just Hide them, rather than deleting them.

  • Simply click on the title of the Artwork from your Manage Artwork Page and check the Hide box at the bottom of the Update Page. (Remember: To see the images within your folders, make sure the folder is expanded by clicking on the box next to the folder name so that it is a minus sign)
  • Click the Update button at the bottom of the screen and the image will no longer be visible on your website.
  • Your Artwork will still be visible in your Control Panel with text marking it as hidden.
  • It and can be un-hidden by you at any time.

If you'd like to hide an entire folder, you must first hide all of the images within that folder. Once you do so, the entire folder will be hidden as well.

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