Google Analytics Troubleshooting

How do I change my Google Analytics code?

Just log into your Control Panel and click the 'Check the Usage for your Website' section. Then, click the text that reads ”[change/remove]” next to the current Google Analytics code. If you'd like to remove the code, click on 'Remove'.

I set up Google Analytics. Why isn't it helping my ranking with search engine results?

Google Analytics is strictly for tracking visitors to your site. Though it is also made by Google, it doesn't influence your Google search ranking.

If you'd like to help manage and improve your Google search engine ranking, what you want to do is set up a Google Webmaster Tools account. Also check out our SEO Tips for way more suggestions on what you can do to improve your ranking and keep your site's contents search engine friendly.

Eek! I accidentally deleted my Google Analytics code. What should I do?

Never fear. When you go to your Google Analytics account, you should have a website profile already set up for your OPP website.

To get the code you need, go to 'Edit' on the Website Profile page – and then click on 'Check Status'.

You will see a box that says “Paste this code”. That code, in its entirety, must be placed in the 'Check OPP Usage / Google Analytics' area of your OPP Control Panel.

Be sure to click Update.

Do not be alarmed if your Google Analytics account has a yellow yield sign next to your site address at first. It does not mean your account is improperly connected. Check back in a few days. It should have a green check mark there after a few days of gathering data.

Oops! I deleted my 'Website Profile' from my Google Analytics. What do I do?

Not to worry. Just follow the steps in this section to set your Google Analytics back up again.

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