General Info about Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

What's the difference between Analytics and Webmaster Tools?

Google Analytics is about tracking visitors and traffic to your website – while Google Webmaster Tools is about the management of your website and your information conduit to and from Google regarding your website.

What's so important about Google Webmaster Tools anyways?

Setting up a Google Webmaster Tools account and connecting it to your OPP website allows you to create a sitemap of your site with Google.

This will in turn help your website to be indexed by Google – and will also allow for a more accurate index of your website by Google.

Also, it gives you a way to communicate with Google and read their help sections. You should also check your GWT account occasionally to ensure that there are no messages from Google regarding your site.

Is Google Analytics the only web statistic counter I can have with my OPP website?

Because OPP needed to specially integrate the ability to use Google Analytics into our sites, it's currently the only web stat counter you can use with OPP. However, it is known as a great, complete counter with lots of cool features. For example: you can see what keywords people used in Google to find your site, or what websites are linking to you. We dig it.

Are you being paid by Google to promote Google Webmaster Tools or Analytics?

No. Please note that Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are third party services that are neither managed nor endorsed by us in any way. And no worries, we do NOT receive any compensation or commission from Google for offering this feature.

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