Email Troubleshooting

Nothing happened when I clicked 'Check my Webmail.' What's up?

If you clicked “Check my Webmail” in your OPP Control Panel and you were not logged into an email account, you may not have an email account with us, but rather an email alias forward. Contact us at support@otherpeoplespixels.com and we'll help you set up an email account.

My email has stopped working -- what's wrong?

Firstly, how do you check your email? If you are accessing your email with a mobile device, or a POP3 program such as Outlook or Thunderbird, and NOT through the webmail site or your OPP Control Panel, please try to check your email via your Control Panel first to see if things are working there.

If your email works via webmail or your Control Panel, then your email is functioning – but you may need to update or reset your POP3 settings.

Please see the POP3 Programs & Wireless Devices section for more info.

If your webmail is not working either, wow — this is unusual! Please contact support@otherpeoplespixels.com and we'll get right on the case!

My email is all out of order. What's going on?

It is likely that you accidentally clicked a sorting tab that you do not usually use. You can sort your email by subject, date, or any of the other categories. Just click on the category that you want to sort by.

How do I insert a URL in my email?

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