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  • We use a third party company, RackSpace, as our email provider. RackSpace is one of the largest webmail providers and we have been very happy with the quality of service that they offer, as well as with their webmail interface. Please address all of your email support questions to support@otherpeoplespixels.com
  • You can send an email to up to 250 recipients at one time. This is a typical limit that webmail providers use to prevent spamming. Not that you'd spam anyone. ;)
  • You can send attachments of up to 50 MB in size.
  • Your email account is 10240 MB, or about 10 GB, which is a whole lot of emails. If you're concerned about space, we suggest downloading and deleting emails with large attachments as you receive them. Or, you can use a third party email program such as MacMail or Outlook to archive and save your emails onto your computer, so you can then delete them from your email account to free up space.
  • Emails and attachments in subfolders count equally towards the total storage allowed. If you are nearing the limit of your email account capacity, we suggest you set up a POP program (like Thunderbird, Entourage etc) as a reader for your emails. This way you can download the emails to your computer and then delete them on the server, freeing up space in your email account. This is especially useful for emails with large attachments, as these may be eating up almost all of your space.
  • Why do you have to log into your Control Panel to check your Messages, instead of us just emailing them to you, you ask? Valid question. :) We actually used to just send the content of the Message in an email directly to your email box. The issue was that some people were (for who knows what reason) marking the Messages sent to them through their own websites as spam, thereby marking themselves and us as spammers. This is the sad story of why Messages can now only read by logging into the Control Panel.

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