Email Aliases

An Intro to Email Aliases

Here is Wikipedia's explanation of an email alias.

Want more info on email forwarding in general? Here you go.

The quick & dirty: an email alias is a forwarding email address. It is not an email account or mailbox on it's own. It does not receive email – it simply passes thrrough emails received at its address onto a different email address.

Setting your POP3 Program up with your Email Alias

Here are some links, for your convenience.

Setting up MacMail

Setting up Outlook

Need the POP3 settings? No Problem.

If you choose to set up POP3 email, please understand that you are choosing to run your email through third party software, and we CANNOT answer tech support questions regarding the specifics of the software you have chosen to use. If you need help please contact tech support for the email program you are using.

If you have a question about our email settings, or something else related to your account with us and your email, please, of course, feel free to contact us with questions. :)

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