Domain Ownership

You bought a domain for me. Who owns my domain during my time at OPP?

If we purchased a domain on your behalf, then during your time at OPP, we own and manage this domain for you — to ensure that everything with your site runs smoothly. This allows us to pay for and manage the domain name without bothering you for access. But no worries – if you ever decide to leave OPP, we feel it would be unethical to keep your domain from you, and will transfer the domain into your ownership via an easy, no-cost process.

You bought a domain for me. Why does OPP, and not me, "own" my domain?

if we bought a domain for you when you signed up, the domain is in our name is so that we can manage it on your behalf. For example, we can renew/pay for your domain — or if there are any problems, we can contact the domain registrar about your domain without having to bother you for access or information. Additionally, this saves you money, because your domain will be included in the cost of your OPP subscription fee.

An added benefit of this is that your personal information remains protected while we are your host. But please do not worry – if you ever wanted to leave OPP, we would be happy to transfer the domain into your ownership in a no-cost, hassle-free process.

What if I want to leave OPP -- can I take my domain with me when I go?

Of course. We feel it would be unethical to keep your domain name from you. We don't like that other companies sometimes charge a lot for you to take your domain name if you leave their services! Yikes! Just follow the steps here and then contact us with your username, as directed.

We do ask that you formally cancel your account and request control of your domain at least 10 business days prior to your account expiration date. This is for your protection and benefit; to ensure that we have plenty of time to give you control over your domain and there is no risk of losing it.

I already owned my domain when I came to OPP. Will I keep ownership?

If you came to OPP already owning your domain name, then you own your domain during your time at OPP as well. Thought you will “point” your domain to OPP's servers so that we can use it for your OPP website, it never leaves your ownership. However, please remember that you are responsible for all settings and charges required to keep the domain registration current.

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