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Deleting Outside Links From Your Nav Section

To delete a Nav Section Link from your Nav Section, simply go to the Artwork & Content section of your Control Panel and click on Create / Reorder Labels & Links.

You can delete the link that you would like to remove from your site, by removing the text in the 'Link/URL' field.

Be sure to click 'Update' after you have removed the text, and the link will disappear from your navigational bar.

If this does not appear to work, be sure to check that you are truly trying to delete a link rather than a Nav Section. It is possible that you repurposed one of the Default Navigation Sections (for example, used your News Section as your Biography.

In order to delete a Nav Section, be sure to remove the content from that section. For example, if you don't want the News Section to display any longer, simply remove all of the News Entries. Once you have done so, the section (and the label) will not display any longer.

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