Create and Reorder Labels & Links

You can change the order of any of the sections on your site by dragging & dropping the sections into the order you'd like. That's right, mix it up. Your Artwork section can come first, or last or even in the middle.

Background Information

First, let's start with some background information. Your five default sections are:

You can also have up to six Nav Section Links.

Changing Your Labels, and the Order of your Sections and Links

To change your Section Labels and Link Labels, simply click on the Text field next to the Section you want to relabel and type your new Label there.

To change the order of the Sections and Links, simply hover your cursor over any part of each section. Click to make your selection, and then drag & drop so that the sections appear in the order you'd like.

Some sections may say 'Not Visible'. What this means is you have not added content to that section yet, so it is not visible on the public side of your site (meaning, it is not visible to your website viewers).

To make these sections visible, you just need to add Content. If it is a Nav Section Link that isn't visible, just add a Link. If it is the News Section that isn't visible, just add a News Entry (and so on and so forth for each type of section).

Be sure to click Update after you have made your changes.

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