My site was on Google, then it disappeared, then it came back! What's up with crazy Google?

Though we know it can be aggravating, it's actually quite normal for Google to drop sites for intermittent small periods of time as they change and update their indexes. True, this never seems to happens to CNN or Facebook, but us small fries have less sway with the Google gods. Give it a bit of time and hopefully you'll come right back up. We understand that this can be a big frustration, but smaller websites are not always indexed accurately or completely. This is true all across the Internet, not just with your website. Though Google is seen as the de facto index of the Internet, they are not always 100% thorough or up to date, especially with smaller sites.

Check out the rest of our help section on Google & Search Engine Questions for many many tips and tricks that you can use to keep your site in tip-top shape for Google and other search engines. There are lots of things that you can do to keep your site in the indexes and get a better ranking. We have made OPP's sites as search engine friendly as possible and have spent about a zillion hours researching how we can get the best rankings for our customers. However, the majority of it has to do with the content on your site, so be sure to read and follow the tips in the section above.

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