Your Copyright is where you enter the name of your website's Copyright Holder (which appears in small text on every page of your website). Your website's Copyright Holder is likely you, if the work you post on your site is yours. You can also list your Website's Title and the Keywords associated with it (to help search engines find it) on your Copyright Page.

  • OPP is not responsible for any trouble you may get into for posting material copyrighted by others. Yup! So play nice!
  • Your copyright dates are automatically created from the dates of artwork on your site, so if you have nothing from X year, it will not 'update' to that date. This is the way that our system is set up, as the copyright dates go for the work and content on your site and not the site itself. However, if you would like to change this, you may type whatever you wish in the Copyright field. If you type in an alternate set of years, for example, the years you type into the Copyright field will override the years you've typed into the Date sections of individual Artworks.

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