Claiming Referral Credits

I referred someone to OPP. How do I get my free month?

You can check on your referral credits and submit people who may have forgotten to credit you (how could they!?) in the “Credits for Referrals you have made” section of your Control Panel.

Remember that your referrals need to be customers for at least 3 months, and then we'll sling that nice big free month your way.

Someone recommended OPP to me, but I forgot to credit them. Can they still get a free month?

You heel, how could your forget your precious friend that told you about the magic of OPP? Now they'll never get that pony they've been dreaming of!

No, no, don't worry, they can still get their credit.

Please tell your special someone that they need to go to the “Credits for Referrals you have made” section of their Control Panel and add you as someone they have referred. Once you have had an account with us for at least three months, they'll get one free month when we do our next round of credits!

Hey...I referred someone to OPP but I didn't get a credit for it! What's up?

No worries. There are two possible reason that this is happening.

One is that the person you referred has not had their site for more than three months yet. Remember, credits are only given if the person you referred has their site with us for more than three months.

Or, it is possible that the person you referred did not credit you when they signed up. That doesn't mean you can't receive the credit however. Just click on 'Credits for Referrals you have made' in your Control Panel, and type the website of the person that you referred in the text box there. Then, click on 'Claim'.

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