Changing Your Website Title

Your Website Title is what will show up as the name of your site on Google and at the top of the browser window when someone visits your site. It could be something like “Your Name” or “So-and-So, Visual Artist” etc. You should put your name in the title to help your search engine ranking, but it can be anything you want.

To change your Website Title, simply click on the 'Website Title' field in your Control Panel (in the Site Wide Settings section, as shown below) and type your change into the Website Title Field. Click Update to save your changes, and type your Title into the Website Title Field in your Website Title Page in your Control Panel. You can also list the Copyright Holder for your website and the Keywords associated with it (to help search engines find it) on your Website Title Page. Click Update to save your changes.

  • An example of a good title would be “Dennis Hopper - Watercolor Artist”.
  • Be sure not to have spaces or dots etc. between the letters of your name because Google and other search engines will not be able to accurately read it.
  • The title is a very important place from which search engines get their indexing information.

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