Background Color / Pattern

  • Please Note: You can only select the background color or pattern if you are using a 'Classic Template'. You do not have this option if you are choosing to use the 'Flowing Templates'.

Choose the Background for your website that best fits your Artwork by scrolling through the Pattern and Solid Color options available. In the Pattern Tab you may click the « First, ← Previous, Next → and Last » links to view each option. In the Solid Color Tab select the color that you prefer from the Wheel or copy the Hexadecimal Color Code that you'd like to use into the text field below it. When you have found the perfect Background, click Choose this Background to select it.

  • The Background that appears on your Background Color / Pattern Page is the one your website is currently using. You may preview different patterns/colors on your Background Color / Pattern Page by clicking on them.
  • To match colors exactly throughout your website, use the Hexadecimal Color Code that corresponds to your color choices by copying it into text field below each Color Wheel in the Appearance section of your Control Panel.

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