Adding or Updating Your Resume/CV

There are two ways artists typically add their Resume/CV to their OPP websites.

Uploading Resume to the PDF Page

  • For this option, go to 'Add/Update PDF' in your Control Panel. Add your Resume/CV by clicking Browse, then locating the file on your computer and clicking Open. Once you have selected your PDF file, click Upload, and be patient while the file uploads. PDFs can sometimes take longer to upload than Images.
  • You may change the name of your PDF Page to whatever you'd like. The PDF Page and all other Nav Section Labels can be changed in your Nav Section Labels Page in your Control Panel.

Uploading Resume as a Writing Piece

  • For this option, go to your Add Writing Page in your Control Panel. After copying your Resume/CV into the Writing Text Box click Update.Visit the Writing Page you've just created on your website and copy its URL.
  • Go to your Nav Section Links Page in your Control Panel and copy the Link into one of the Links text fields labeling it in the Label text field below. Click Update and your Resume/CV Writing Page will appear in your Nav Section.
  • If you wish for your Resume/CV Writing Page to not be visible in your Portfolio, you may opt to not Title your Writing Page and to upload a Custom Thumbnail for it that is the same color as the background as your Template.

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