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Writing pages may be used for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry pieces. They may also be used for written content such as resumes/CVs, bios, and artist statements. Regardless of the content of your Writing page, it is easiest to copy your text into the Writing text box provided. You may also type directly into the Writing text box.

  • If you have selected Thumbnail Navigation, uploading a custom thumbnail image for your Writing page is required.
  • Artists using Writing pages for written content such as resumes/CVs, bios, and artist statements often wish for such pages to appear as a Navigation Label and be accessible from their Home Page. To create a Writing page that appears as a Navigation Label, first create the Writing page you wish to appear as a Navigation Label. Then click Nav Section Links from the Link Settings subheading of the Site-Wide Settings section of your Control Panel. Clicking on the Nav Section Links page takes you to a page titled Manage Outside Links where you may paste the URL(s) of your newly created Writing page(s) into the field(s) provided. You may title the page(s) as you wish them to appear in your Navigation Label.

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