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You can organize the Artwork on your website by putting it in Galleries. You may organize your Artwork any way you wish. You might divide your work into categories based upon theme, medium, or year created. For example, the first Folder on your website, your Home Page Folder, might contain Galleries called “Photography,” “Installation,” and “Performance.” In this example, each Folder would contain Artwork according to the medium-based categories selected.

  • Your Gallery will not appear on your website until you've added Artwork to it.
  • You may select Home Page for a Gallery to be accessible directly from the first page of your website. You may also place your new Gallery inside a Gallery you've already created.
  • You may enter a Short Gallery Name, for those times when space is limited, such as Navigation. This is the name we will use as your Gallery name in those instances.
  • You can control the location & styling of the Description text on your site as well – how your text is organized (multi-column, full width, narrow column or wide column) and where it is placed (above or below your image).
  • For a visual representation of the Galleries and Artwork that make up your website, visit your Manage Artwork link from your Control Panel.

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