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Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in (for existing OPP users)

How do I log in / sign in to my OPP website's Control Panel?

If you own an OPP website, your Control Panel (where you manage your website) is located at:


(Please note, you need to substitute your own website's URL into the above format, and type it into the browser bar itself. It is unlikely to come up in a Google search – since it is a private page, just for you.)

In the log in screen, please enter your website address and password exactly. If you don't remember your password you can reset it here. If you reset multiple times, BE SURE you are using the MOST RECENT password.

How do I log in / sign in to my OPP email or webmail?

If you own an OPP site and set up an email address, your webmail is located at http://mail.otherpeoplespixels.com

To check your webmail, enter your email address and your password. Your email address is your OPP email address, and your password is the same one that you use to log into your OPP Control Panel – unless you may have changed it to be something different!. If so, you can reset your password(s) here.

You can also easily access your email after logging into your Control Panel.

Help & Support

I have an OPP site or Free Trial. Can you help me with my Website / Control Panel?

If you are already an OPP customer or are checking out a Free Trial, you can find instant answers to almost any of your questions in OtherPeoplesPixels's searchable help section called the Pixelpedia .

If you still have questions, never fear! Just email us at support@otherpeoplespixels.com.

Domain Name

Can I have a personal domain name/web address?

All of our sites come with a personal domain name that you get to choose, like yourname.com or yourstudioname.com. It can be whatever you want it to be, provided this domain is available for purchase.

Most other portfolio services require that you purchase and manage this domain name yourself, which can be costly — and honestly, purchasing, managing and remembering to renew your domain is a big pain in the tuchas. OPP handles all this for you, so breathe a sigh of relief!

What can I choose as my domain name?

Pretty much whatever you'd like, as long as its not already owned by someone else. Tell us what you want and we'll get it for you, no muss, no fuss. You could have tin-foil-hats.org or mambo-de-frutas-y-verduras.net. But you can't have sixpackofkittens.com because we already own it. Sorry.

You can easily search to see what domain names are available here.

You can choose from a .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info or .us ending for your domain (a.k.a. TLD). If you'd like your site to be at a domain with a different ending, that's no problem – but you'll need to buy the domain yourself, since these TLDs are the only ones available for OPP via our domain registrar.

If you have a special request, such as having two domain names point to the same website, please email us at support@otherpeoplespixels.com and we'll help you work it out.

What if I already own a domain name?

No problem. We can help you set your domain name to go to your new OPP website!

Once you sign up, we'll send you to an easy walk-through to hook things up.

Please note, if you choose to sign up for OPP with an existing domain, that domain cannot be transferred to us. It will remain your property and your responsibility. You will not be transferring your domain to our ownership. Be sure not to cancel your domain or let it expire, as you will be responsible for maintaining/renewing it. This will be the same simple process you used before your OPP site, so no worries!

Just FYI: It can be up to 2 days before an existing domain name will to point to your new site – though it usually takes only an hour or two.

If you buy my domain for me, do I get to keep it if I leave OPP?

For sure. It's not our style to do something like keep your domain from you or charge you a boot-load for it.

Just let us know you want to keep the domain when you leave OPP, and we'll transfer it to you in a simple, no-hassle, cost-free process.

You must do this 5 business days before your account expires – do not just let the account lapse in payment! Reach out to support@otherpeoplespixels.com. We don't bite!


Do I get an email account with my website?

All of our plans come with a professional email account like your yourname@yourdomain.com, which you can access online from any computer.

Again, unlike most other portfolio services, we pay for and manage this professional email service for you. So much more professional than katgrrl69@gmail.com on that business card, right?

One more reason why OPP rules. We want you to get back to making art, not fussing around with trying to set up your email account! That's why OPP does all this for you.

What if I already have an email address associated with the domain I own?

No problem. Be sure to request that same email address up with us when you sign up, as a mailbox, not a forward. Just be sure to get all of your important emails and contact information from your old email host before you switch over to us.

What's your email service like?

Our fully-featured webmail includes a not only a great email interface and address book – but also a calendar, task list and notes section – all of which can be accessed from any computer, anywhere. Score!

We use RackSpace as our email provider. Rackspace is an industry leader and we have been consistently impressed by the quality of their service.

How do I find/get into my OPP webmail?

If you own an OPP site and set up an email address, your webmail is located at http://mail.otherpeoplespixels.com

To check your webmail, enter your email address and your password. Your email address is your OPP email address, and your password is the same one that you use to log into your OPP Control Panel – unless you may have changed it to be something different!. If so, you can reset your password(s) here.

Prices and Plans

What types of Plans do you offer?

We have a Standard Plan, which is perfect for most people, and a Multimedia Plan, for you cats who want custom hosted video & sound too. You can see all of the features that come with each plan on our pricing page.

How much do your sites cost?

Our Standard Plan is $16 per month, and our Multimedia Plan is $26 per month. You can learn all about them on our Pricing Page. They're all cheaper than missing an opportunity because you don't have a website. Hint, hint.

What are my payment options?

OPP sites are paid for by subscription, a very common way to pay for online services (and used by Netflix etc). This is a super-easy way to pay where you enter your info once and then we take care of billing your payment method directly each month. We currently accept Visa, MC, Discover and debit cards. We also accept certain types of pre-paid cards, but they must be the type that can be used for online, automatic payments. Please check with the pre-paid card vendor directly to be sure. Monthly plans are nice because you can just subscribe once and not have to worry about paying each month. Of course you may cancel a monthly plan at any time.

Do I need to remember to pay every month?

When you subscribe to OPP, your account or credit card will be automatically billed each month, so no worrying about having your site turned off, or bothering with the hassle of filling out forms each month. You can, of course, still cancel your subscription any time you'd like…though that might make us sad.

Selling my Artwork

Can I sell my artwork though my OPP site?

Definitely. While OPP is more oriented towards being a portfolio website, your OPP website also gives you the option to make anything in your portfolio available for sale. You'll be able to enter a price and then choose whether or not to make the work available to buy through PayPal.

When a visitor pays for something, you will be notified by PayPal of the item sold, and you'll then be responsible for shipping the item to complete the transaction.


(For folks who would like more of a storefront, some customers choose to have an OPP site as their professional portfolio site, but then link it to an Etsy shop for easy sales.)

Do you take fees or commissions on my sales?

Absolutely not. OPP feels very strongly that a portfolio service should never take a portion of an artists sales. We know it's already hard enough! You keep 100% of the proceeds from any work sold via your OPP site – minus the small processing fees from PayPal (similar to a credit card fee), only if you choose to use their services while selling your artwork.

General Questions

Do I have to make the website myself, or know any code or "hard stuff"?

Nope, that's exactly the point of getting your website from OtherPeoplesPixels. We've already designed a bunch of nifty sites for you to choose from, which you can customize to your taste in minutes. Just sign up, easily plug-in your info & artwork, and your professional art site is done!

How long will it take to get my trial site set up and ready to go live?

When you sign up for a Free Trial, your website is immediately created.

Choose and customize one of our designs for your site, and then start adding artwork using the Control Panel.

Light a scented candle, put on your favorite “smooth jazz” album…and your website will be finished before Kenny G is. (All kidding aside, for artists that start with 'K' we much prefer The Knife and Kelpe to Kenny G…)

When you decide to buy your OPP site, all of the content from your free site will transfer automatically to your new domain name.

My trial is awesome. How long will it take to get my site going once I pay for it?

We manually review all sites to ensure that only artists get to take advantage of our super-sweet portfolio sites, so activation can take up to 24-48 hours. Once you activate & pay for your site, your activation request is personally reviewed, to ensure that everything is in order – so that it's smooth sailing for you. Please be sure to allow enough time for this process if you have a deadline.

How will I get my artwork onto my website?

Your OPP website comes with a behind-the-scenes Control Panel that allows you to easily add images of your artwork.

The process is much like adding an attachment to an email or uploading a photo to Facebook. The Control Panel will resize the image for the web and even creates thumbnails automatically, so no fussing about in Photoshop! Oh, joy!

What designs can I choose from?

OPP offers lots of different designs with different looks for different people. We offer pre-designed Layouts, which then allow you to select your own colors, fonts, background color or pattern.

You can easily change your site's Layout at any time from your Control Panel, and like any other updates you make to your site, this is *always* free. The best way to see what designs we offer, is to take 'em for a test drive on your own site after you've signed up for a Free Trial.

If you want to see what other OPP customers' websites looks like, you can check out some examples here.

What can I put on my website?

Well, images of your artwork, obvs. But you can also add details about each piece and your artist's statement. Plus, people who go to your website can view your contact information, leave you a message, see your CV in PDF format, read your News page, and see links to your friends' or galleries' websites.

Everything is flexible and customizable though, so if you wanted to use the PDF for a Press Pack and the News Section for an Exhibitions history, that's great too.

You can also link out to other sites you may have from your main Navigation – such as a link your blog, Facebook, Instagram or your gallery's website.

The Control Panel lets you add or remove things with ease. Put as much or as little on your OPP website as you like!

Can I put video & sound on my website?

Mos def! You can embed video and sound from Vimeo, YouTube & Soundcloud on all of our websites, with a few easy clicks.

If you prefer the security and professional look of custom hosted video & sound (meaning OPP hosts your video, instead of YouTube, etc) you should sign up for our Multimedia Plan – and never have to worry about flagging, take-downs or ads again.

If you'd like to test drive our Multimedia Plan, just email us at support@otherpeoplespixels.com during your trial, and we'll turn it on for you to try!

Does OPP give me a way to see how many people visit my site?

Oh yes, we know it's so much fun to see who has been looking at your website! You'll be able to check not only how many people have visited your site, but also where they are from, and how they found your site – using Google Analytics, which we've integrated into your site for super simple set-up.

Will people be able to contact me through my website?

For sure. You'll have a Contact page on your website where you can list any information that you'd like, from email addresses to fax numbers. On that page there is also an optional 'Leave a Message' form, where guests visiting your page can leave their own contact info and send a note to your Control Panel. This is a great way to get feedback from folks who visit your site, as visitors seem to find this less 'intimidating' than email. And we all love more feedback!

Can I have Mailing List Sign-Up Page?

Sure thing! You can use Special Formatting to link to a MailChimp Mailing List Sign-up Page. To do this, sign up for a free account at MailChimp where you can design a custom sign-up page. You can then use Special Formatting to link to it from your Artist Statement or Contact Page.

Any bonuses if I recommend OPP to my friends?

But of course! Talking OPP up to friends, strangers and the occasional wandering bard alike is a great way for you to get a free month of OPP!

Whenever you recommend OPP to someone who ends up signing up with us for at least three months, you'll get a month of service on the house. We have some customers who have never had to pay for their site again, just by talking us up! Boo-yah!

Do you offer any protection against people downloading my work?

Though we continue to encourage folks to think of the Internet as a format for sharing, we also understand people have different comfort levels here.

So, we give you the option to protect your images from right-click downloading, and you can always add a watermark to the images you upload if you feel you need additional protection.

Do you put ads on my website?

No way. We hate that cr@p as much as you do.

Will you keep my information private?

Yes, absolutely. Online privacy issues are VERY important to us at OPP. We will never sell or share your information with anyone at anytime. Please see our Privacy Policy for all the details.

The Internet can be sketchy. Can I be sure you're a real company?

We understand that the Internet can sometimes be a nefarious zone of weird scammers & spammers, but cross-our-hearts-and-hope-to-die we are real humans who eat food, make art, and listen to a lot of music.

Free Trial

I signed up for a Free Trial, but I never got an email from you.

Please be sure that you entered your email address correctly. Next, check the junk/SPAM folder in your email, it might be there.

Some free email services, such as Yahoo, tend to automatically block emails sent by computers (like our Free Trial emails), so you'll need to be sure that we're one of your contacts first.

If you didn't get the Free Trial email, add us to your email whitelist to make sure our emails to you get through.

If you still can't find an email from us with your Free Trial information, add support@otherpeoplespixels.com to your contacts/whitelist, and then send an email (including your phone number) to support@otherpeoplespixels.com.

Do I have to give you any billing information before I can start my Free Trial?

Nope. We'll only ask for your payment information after you've decided to pay for and keep your website. The Free Trial is just that…free.

How do I access my Free Trial?

Check the welcome email that we sent you, it has all the information on how to access your Free Trial website. This includes your username, password and the URL of your Control Panel.

If you have lost or deleted your password, use this form to have your it reset.

I need more time to play with my Free Trial. Can I have an extension?

If you say “pretty please with rainbow unicorn sugar on top.” :)

Ok, you can have an extension. Click here to try out OPP for another 14 days.

I love my Free Trial, but it has expired. How do I pay for a full website?

Simple, just click here and follow the instructions. We'll preserve all of the work you've put into your Free Trial website and have you set up before you know it! If you can't remember the name of your trial or have any other questions, email us at support@otherpeoplespixels.com.

I know I'll love OPP. Can I pay for my website right now?

Sure. Just sign up for a Free Trial, but follow the payment instructions in your welcome email right away.

What happens to the work on my Free Trial when I activate my OPP site?

Everything that you added to your Free Trial website will carry right over to your paid website.

My Free Trial expired a long time ago. Can I sign up for OPP now, or have some more time on the trial?

Sure thing, we've saved all your info. Email us at support@otherpeoplespixels.com and we'll hook it up.

Any other questions?

Check out all of our great features in action by signing up for a Free Trial – and see for yourself why OPP is the preferred artist website service of 4 out of 5 dentists. Minty fresh!

If there is anything else that you would like to know, and can't find your answer in our FAQ, get in touch with our friendly, personal Customer Support here.

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